Importing Happiness
To Your Steps

We bring to you all what do you need with a touch of joy.

Being Happy

"Being happy doesn't have to be expensive or complicated! It should be smart and easy"
Established in Lebanon

General Trading and Importing Company

We've been importing quality, price-competitive products for clients in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and design services and industries. Our company is concerned in importing all house needs such as appliances, electronics, kitchenware, and house improvements/decor products.

Simply whatever your sweet home needs.

Every Detail Counts

Every Detail Counts
Why Choose Us

Whatever You Need

Requesting an item is all what you'll do, importing is our mission.

Fast Importing

It takes us few days to bring on your needs. Fast is the word we define ourself with.

Small Offices

Supplying offices with tools and furniture, for maximum touch of quality and performance.

House Improvment

Our products are the magic touch you need to settle at your home for a differnet look.

Projects Planning

Having a project in mind? Needing the tools and equipments? Keep it on us!

Delivery Available

Available for anything, anytime, at a blazing speed, with quality in mind.
Importing Happiness to Your Steps

Contact info

961 71 581 188
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